Three Reasons to Buy a Used Vehicle in Central Oregon

While there are certainly benefits to buying a brand-new car, there are also several advantages to picking up a used vehicle that might make it a better choice for your Central Oregon lifestyle. At Volvo Cars Bend, we’re here to help you with three reasons why a used car is a great choice for Central Oregon drivers.


This might seem like a no brainer, as of course, used cars will cost less than a new car. However, you’ll also pay less in registration taxes, have lower insurance, and enjoy greater financial freedom by picking up a used car versus something that’s brand new. All of these factors help keep more money in your pocket beyond what you’ll save up front, so you can focus on your other future plans.

Reduced Depreciation

When you buy a new car, it begins sharply depreciating throughout the first year and 15,000 miles of ownership. However, by picking up a used car, you’ve got something that has already been through the initial depreciation period. That means it will better hold its value over time, so you can feel free to trade or sell your car sooner if you see fit. Even better, a used car can even appreciate depending on market factors and mileage, and that will almost never happen when you buy something new.

It’s Environmentally Smart

By picking up a used car, you’re recycling something that has already been produced rather than increasing the demand to make more new cars. Not only are you getting the extra life out of something that has several years left in it, but you’re keeping another new vehicle off the assembly line and saving precious resources in the process.

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