There are at least five great reasons to buy a used truck at Volvo Cars Bend in beautiful Bend, OR. There are about a million reasons why you'll love driving your truck around Central Oregon and beyond. If you've spent much time exploring the West, you know there are incredible landscapes all over. In the Bend, area, you're surrounded by mountains, rivers, and breathtaking scenery. All you need is a high-value pre-owned pickup to enjoy it all.

Reason #1: A used truck gives you a lot for your money

You've undoubtedly heard that most new vehicles depreciate quite a bit the moment you drive one off the dealer's lot. What's more, most vehicles lose more of their value the first year than in any year after that. The good news is, that means even a two- or three-year-old truck probably still looks new but the price is right.

Reason #2: Proven reliability

A used truck already has a track record so you have a good idea about whether it's reliable. When you want to take your truck to Mt. Bachelor for some hiking or skiing, for example, it's nice to know Consumer Reports rated the Toyota Tundra as the most reliable full-size pickup. You can probably find a good used one at Volvo Cars Bend. Just shop our Pre-Owned Trucks and see what's available right now.

Reason #3: Shop all the major brands in one place

When you shop for a used pickup at Volvo Cars Bend, it's almost like Christmas morning. You can find most of the world's most popular used pickups at very affordable prices. For example, on a single tour of our used trucks, you can probably find a Ford F-150 and other F-Series trucks, a Chevy Silverado, a Ram 1500, a GMC Sierra 1500, you get the idea. Take your favorite trucks for a test drive and start dreaming about river rafting on the Deschutes.

Reason #4: More features for less

If you go shopping for a brand-new pickup, the new styling is great and the features are just plain awesome. Unfortunately, the price tag is also "awesome," in the sense of "expensive." But when you look at a recent model pre-owned pickup at Volvo Cars Bend, you'll notice the styling can be just as attractive and the features are often similar to those in a brand-new model, while the price is tag is "awesome" in the sense of "affordable."

Reason #5: Almost everything costs less

First, your truck insurance will cost less simply because insurance is based on the vehicle's current value and a pre-owned truck costs thousands less than a new truck. Very often, any repairs will be less expensive, because the newest trucks have a lot of brand-new techs that's (a) not yet proven and (b) costs a lot to fix. Used trucks tend to use simpler, more intuitive tech that's less expensive to repair and easier to use. Even your sales tax will be less.

There's a world of amazement out there: A used truck makes it all more affordable

Our prices and selection are worth the drive from Portland to go used truck shopping in Bend. If you buy or lease your pre-owned pickup from Volvo Cars Bend, you can then go exploring for pristine waterfalls along the Deschutes, go rafting on the McKenzie River, or hike up to the extinct volcano known as Pilot Butte. Do your budget a favor while still unleashing your sense of adventure with a quality used truck from Volvo Cars Bend.