One appeal of the Volvo XC60 is the safety technology found in it. Those of us at Volvo Cars Bend can't help but feel excited when we look at all of the standard features. The IntelliSafe suite of safety features delivers support to you when you drive.

You never know what you will experience while driving in Bend, OR. The stresses of life can make you drowsy. Standard Driver Alert Control can detect your motions to monitor for drowsiness. Its alerts will encourage you to take a break from driving. The Rest Stop Guidance function notifies you of a safe place to stop.

The Lane Keeping Aid is another safety feature that keeps the occupants of your Volvo XC60 safe. The feature can help guide you back to your lane when you mistakenly stray from it. Stay focused using this function. All of the safety technology in the Volvo lowers stress levels.

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